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Pictured: (Top row, left to right): Brittany Varga, Moira Hitchens, Sara Voth, Viktoriya Galunka
(Bottom row, left to right): Kayla Knoblauch, Samantha Campling, Sophia Hagen, Victoria Schweighardt, Lindsey Hermann, Aimee Scherr, Janet Keim, Kassia Clarke 

It is Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week -- and this year, we have more to celebrate than ever before!

2018 is the 8th Women of Aviation Worldwide Week; a global awareness week for girls of all ages aims to foster gender balance in the air and space industry. Mitchinson's is excited to celebrate the successes of our largest group of "WOAW-ies" yet, with a fourfold increase in female enrolment and flight training in direct comparison to 2017! We are also proud to have Kassia Clarke, a WOAW-ie student featured in our article last year, officially join our staff as a Flight Instructor in April 2017.





In celebration of the upcoming Webster Memorial Trophy Competition we spoke with our very own competitor Matt Paslawski -- the Regional Winner for Saskatchewan!

The Webster Memorial Competition is made up of 9 contestants, assembled from the Regional Winner from each area. Once a Regional Winner has been chosen, it is on to the National Finals held in the late summer. It is a two stage competition, comprised of flight tests (in an aircraft and in a Redbird simulator) and a written exam meant to challenge their skills as a pilot. Matthew Paslawski is the second consecutive MFC student to be a Regional Finalist for SK (2016: Tim Penner, now a current MFC instructor). You can read more about the Webster Memorial Competition here.



Written by Jim Guenther, co-owner of MFC

The first time I saw a forest fire up close was in northern Saskatchewan. It was the summer of 1991 and I was fire patrolling in a Piper Navajo (an eight passenger twin-engine aircraft used for charters). Witnessing lightning strike the forest and watching a fire instantaneously ignite, is a sight I will never forget.   


Pictured left to right: Kassia Clarke, Chantelle Callaway, Teagan Pegg, Julia Milne, Janet Keim, and Sophia Hagen.

In celebration of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, we spoke with some of our own "WOAW-ies"!

Kassia Clarke, Chantelle Callaway, and Teagan Pegg were all graduates of the Saskpolytechnic Commercial Pilot Diploma program in 2015. Kassia and Chantelle were both part of the same Private Pilot’s License group at Mitchinson's, and have since continued their training. Chantelle and Teagan are finishing up their CPL and Kassia is currently working on her Instructor Rating. Julia Milne and Sophia Hagen are both attending Mitchinson’s Commercial Ground School after doing their Private License training.