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Whether you are planning on flying as a hobby or as a career, getting started is very similar. The following chart makes it easy to navigate your way to piloting an aircraft!



1 Book a medical - Cat 4 with your family doctor for a RPP or an Aviation Medical (if planning on attaining the CPL, it is highly recommended to book a Category 1 Medical) For a list of approved Transport Canada Medical Examiners, click here
Category 4 RPP
Category 3 PPL
Category 1 CPL
2  Book a Discovery Flight (we will put you in the pilot seat with an instructor for an abbreviated flight lesson!)  Call our Dispatch at
3 Register for our upcoming ground school  Call our Dispatch at
4  Complete your Aviation Medical  The Medical takes about an hour. Medical must be complete in order to first-solo
5 Set up your flying schedule  In person at MFC. A few minutes of paperwork and you are up

Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examiners - Saskatchewan


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