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The Multi-Engine Instrument Rating allows you to operate an aircraft with more than one engine without reference to the horizon. With this rating you can fly in Instrument
Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and at night. First you will obtain your Multi-Engine Rating followed by your Group One Instrument Rating. Your advanced training will take place initially in our simulator and in our C310 aircraft.

Multi-Engine Requirements

  • Must have PPL;
  • Approximately 8 hours Dual Instruction;
  • Flight test;
  • No written exam.

Course Length

Anticipate 3-6 days if full-time.

Group One Instrument Rating Requirements

  • Multi-Engine endorsement;
  • Must have 50 hours cross-country;
  • 40 hours Instrument time of which all time accumulated on PPL, Night Rating and CPLcount towards the minimum. 20 hours may be in the simulator;
  • Written exam;
  • Flight test. TC approved Pilot Examiner on staff.

Course Length

Anticipate 2-3 weeks if full-time, 3-4 months if part-time.

Flying Breakdown (Multi-Engine and Group One Instrument Rating)

 Total Dual C310

 Total Dual Redbird

 18 Hours

 19 Hours

Cost Breakdown (Multi-Engine and Group One Instrument Rating)

    C310 Redbird
18 hours dual Advanced Instruction $8,190.00  
19 hours dual Advanced Instruction   $2,755.00
Written Exam and
Endorsement Fee (TC)*
Multi and IR Flight Test
Fee (TC)*
   Total: $11,740.00  

*(TC) Transport Canada
Note: It may take some students more time to complete depending on ability or if training flights are
not consistently scheduled and flown

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