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This rating allows the pilot to fly during official night.


  • Must hold at least a PPL;
  • 15 hours flight training; (5 dual instrument, 5 dual night, 5 solo night)
  • No written exam;
  • No flight test.

Course Length

Anticipate 1 week if full-time; 1 month if part-time. Training occurs in winter months (October-April) while days are shorter.

Flying Breakdown

10 hours 5 hours

Cost Breakdown

  C152 C172 
10 hours dual (regular rate + $8/hr night premium) $2,130.00 $2380.00
5 hours solo $765.00 $890.00
License Fee (TC)* $30.00 $30.00
 Total: $2,895.00 $3,300.00

*(TC) Transport Canada.
Note: The above training requirements represent TC minimums. It may take some students more time to complete depending on ability or if training flights are not consistently scheduled and flown.

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