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This course is designed for the career oriented individual with a focus on advanced training and a seamless course outline. You will start from zero flight time to becoming a fully Licensed Commercial Pilot with a Night Rating, VFR OTT, and a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MIFR). You will be trained in our C152 for basic maneuvers and moving up to the C172 and C172RG for advanced training which leads you to the Multi-Engine training in the C310. This course is designed to parallel the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Pilot Diploma Program which, after approximately one year and a half, has you very prepared to startworking for one of the many operators we have close contact with. In fact, the majority of our grads are hired prior to graduation!

A minimum of 200 hours are required to obtain a CPL. The Professional Pilot Course includes the Multi-Engine IFR as part of the 200 hours after the CPL flight training is complete. The CPL and IR required ground school is included in the Sask Polytech Pilot Diploma Program.

This course meets all of the flying experience requirements of the Sask Polytech Pilot Diploma Program. The timeline for the Diploma Program is available here. This course is available to anyone who wishes to become a CPL with more advanced skills. Completing the course as described below will set you up to be highly competitive in the piloting workforce. Outside of Sask Polytech, a timeline of 6-8 months of full-time study will be required.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Flying Breakdown

30 hours 15 hours

Cost Breakdown

    C152 (2 seats) C172 (4 seats)*
Medical $120.00    
Ground School** $299.00    
Books and Materials $299.00    
30 hours Dual   $6,150.00 $6,900.00
15 hours Solo   $2,175.00 $2,550.00
Written Exam Fee (TC)*** $105.00    
Flight Test Fee (TC)*** $300.00    
Licensing Fee (TC)*** $55.00    
English Proficiency Test (TC)*** no charge if MFC student    
TOTAL   $9,503.00 $10,628.00

*Some students prefer to train in our larger C172
**Can be completed on-line
***(TC) Transport Canada
For broken down details on the PPL License, click here.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Flying Breakdown

40 Hours 30 Hours 48 Hours

 Cost Breakdown

    C172 C172RG* Redbird
33.5/1.5 hours
Advanced Training $7,705.00 $388.50  
30 hours Solo Advanced Practice $5,100.00    
28 hours Solo Time Building $4,760.00    
20 hours Solo Advanced Practice   $3,980.00  
5 hours Dual Advanced Training     $725.00
Written Exam Fee (TC)** $105.00      
Flight Test Fee
Licensing Fee
  TOTAL: $23,193.50   

*C172RG. Advanced training aircraft with retractable landing gear and constant speed propellor.
**(TC) Transport Canada.

Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MIFR)

Flying Breakdown (Multi-Engine and Group One Instrument Rating)

18 Hours 19 Hours

Cost Breakdown (Multi-Engine and Group One Instrument Rating)

    C310 Redbird
18 hours Dual Advanced Instruction $8,190.00  
19 hours Dual Advanced Instruction   $2,755.00
Written Exam and Endorsement Fee (TC)* $95.00    
Multi and IR Flight Test Fee (TC)* $700.00    
  TOTAL: $11,740.00

*(TC) Transport Canada.

Total Cost for Entire Course $44,501.50

An additional cost of approximately $5,500.00 for the Sask Polytech Pilot Diploma Program (which includes tuition, books and uniform)



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