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If you are planning on flying just for the fun of it and want to enjoy flying as a hobby, the RPP may be right for you! This permit will allow you to fly with one passenger in an
aircraft not larger than four seats in daytime Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Because it is a permit, no ratings can be attached, with one exception, the Seaplane Rating.

The first (approximate) 10 hours of RPP flight training can be transfered towards a Private Pilot License (PPL) training if you decide you want to get a license with more privileges. 

RPP Requirements

  • Be at least 14 years old to solo. Also, you must reached your 16th birthday to receive a RPP;
  • Have completed a medical through your family doctor, Category 4 or higher. (Ground school training can be started without the medical);
  • No ground school required but it is highly recommended to complete the PPL ground school;
  • 25 hours total flying time. Approximately 18 hours dual (including 2 hours crosscountry).  Approximately 7 hours solo;
  • All flight training and ground school can be credited towards the PPL;
  • Written exam with a pass mark of 60%;
  • Practical flight test. TC approved Pilot Examiner on staff.

Course Length

Anticipate 3-4 weeks if full-time, 3 months if part-time.

Flying Breakdown

18 hours 7 hours 2 hours*

*included in 18 dual

Cost Breakdown

    C152 (2 seats) C172 (4 seats)
 Medical  $25.00    
 Ground School*  $329.00    
 Books and Materials*  $270.00    
 18 hours Dual    $3690.00  $4140.00
 7 hours Solo    $1015.00  $1190.00
 Written Exam Fee (TC)**  $105.00    
 Flight Test Fee (TC)**  $200.00    
 Licensing Fee (TC)**  $55.00    
 TOTAL    $5,659.00  $6,284.00

*Not required but highly recommended
**(TC) Transport Canada
Note: The above training requirements represent TC minimums. It may take some students more time to
complete depending on ability or if training flights are not consistently scheduled and flown.

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