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Tariffs available at our main office.


Aircraft Rental Rates

  Solo Dual (+$60/hr)
C152 $145/hour $205/hr
C172 $170/hour $230/hr
172RG $199/hour $259/hr
C182 $239/hour $289/hr
C310 $395/hour $455/hr
Redbird FMX $85/hour $145/hr

All rental rates are wet (include fuel).

Note: A fee of $5.00 per headset will be applied to license-holding pilots
Note: A surcharge of $8/hour will be added for night flying

Flight Instruction Rates

Flight Instruction $60/hour
Flight Instruction in Owners Aircraft* $75/hr
Ground Instruction/Briefing $60/hour

 *insurance requirements must be met prior to training.

Discovery Flight Rates

C152 $75.00
C172 $85.00

For more information on Discovery Flights, click here!

Scenic Flight Rates

30 Mins $149.99
1 Hour $245.00

Charter Rates

Aircraft Per Hour Per Statute Mile
C172 $275 $2.65
C172RG $310 $2.65
C182 $340 $2.84
C310 $650 $4.05

Note: Charter rates include aircraft and pilot. Pilot expenses are not included, such as meals and accommodations on overnight charters.


Flight Test & Written Exam Fees

PPL Flight Test $300
CPL Flight Test $350
Flight Instructor $200
PPL Written Exam (full write) $105
PPL Written Exam (partial write) $55
CPL Written Exam Written at YXE terminal, inquire for pricing

Licensing Fee
(To be paid directly to Transport Canada)

PPL $55
CPL $80
All Ratings $30

Parking Fee

Location Rate Per Day
Ramp $5
Hangar $100
Overnight Tent $50
Plug-in +$10
Warm-up $50

Note: All fees based on single-engine light aircraft.

Storage Fee

Type Rate Per Month
Outside $100/$75*
Tent $250

*Depending on location
Note: All fees based on single-engine light aircraft

Classroom Rental

Half Day $62.50
Full Day $125.00

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