Whether you are planning a career in aviation or planning on flying as a hobby, the PPL is the first official License for everyone. Earning a PPL will allow you to pilot an aircraftwith passengers and attach ratings. As you gain experience and skill level you can move up to a Night Rating (NR), Instrument Rating (IR), VFR Over the top Endorsement (VOTT), Seaplane Rating, or Multi-Engine Rating. As you can see there are no shortage of opportunities to learn and advance your skills!

Mitchinson's also has a unique flight training resource/approach that sets us apart and allows our students to take control of their flight training, resulting in a more time and cost-efficient approach to gaining your license. You can read more about our Flight Training Binders and PGI's here!

Course Length

Anticipate 5-6 weeks if full-time, 5 months if part-time.

PPL Requirements

  • Be at least 14 years old to solo. Also, you must have reached your 17th birthday to receive a PPL;
  • Have completed an Aviation Medical, Category 3 or higher. (Ground school training can be started without the medical);
  • Minimum 40 hours of ground school, offered here;
  • Minimum 45 hours of flight time;
  • Written Exam (Transport Canada): written exam with a pass mark of 60%. Exam invigilator on staff to write at school; letter of recommend required (MFC standard: minimum 2 exams with average of 80%). 
  • Flight Test: Transport Canada approved Pilot Examiner on staff; letter of recommend required (MFC standard: adequate pre-flight completed with instructor).

Flying Breakdown

30 hours 15 hours

Cost Breakdown

    C152 (2 seats) C172 (4 seats)* Redbird FMX Simulator
Medical $120.00      
Ground School** $299.00      
Books and Materials $299.00      
27 hours Dual   $5,805.00 $6,480.00  
3 hours Dual        $450.00
15 hours Solo   $2,250.00 $2,625.00  
Written Exam Fee (TC)*** $105.00      
Flight Test Fee (TC)*** $250.00      
Licensing Fee (TC)*** $55.00      
English Proficiency Test (TC)*** N/C if MFC student      
TOTAL   $9,633.00 $10,683.00  

*Some students prefer to train in our larger C172, or may need to train in a larger plane due to calculated weight and balances
**Can be completed on-line
***(TC) Transport Canada
Note: The above training requirements represent TC minimums. It may take some students more time to complete depending on ability or if training flights are not consistently scheduled and flown.