Whether you are planning a career in aviation or planning on flying as a hobby, the PPL is the first official License for everyone. Earning a PPL will allow you to pilot an aircraftwith passengers and attach ratings. As you gain experience and skill level you can move up to a Night Rating (NR), Instrument Rating (IR), VFR Over the top Endorsement (VOTT), Seaplane Rating, or Multi-Engine Rating. As you can see there are no shortage of opportunities to learn and advance your skills!

Mitchinson's also has a unique flight training resource/approach that sets us apart and allows our students to take control of their flight training, resulting in a more time and cost-efficient approach to gaining your license. You can read more about our Flight Training Binders and PGI's here!

Course Length

Anticipate 5-6 weeks if full-time, 5 months if part-time.

PPL Requirements

  • Be at least 14 years old to solo. Also, you must have reached your 17th birthday to receive a PPL;
  • Have completed an Aviation Medical, Category 3 or higher. (Ground school training can be started without the medical);
  • Minimum 40 hours of ground school, offered here;
  • Minimum 45 hours of flight time;
  • Written Exam (Transport Canada): written exam with a pass mark of 60%. Exam invigilator on staff to write at school; letter of recommend required (MFC standard: minimum 2 exams with average of 80%). 
  • Flight Test: Transport Canada approved Pilot Examiner on staff; letter of recommend required (MFC standard: adequate pre-flight completed with instructor).

Flying Breakdown

30 hours 15 hours

Cost Breakdown

    C152 (2 seats) C172 (4 seats)* Redbird FMX Simulator
Medical $120.00      
Ground School** $399.00      
Books and Materials $318.75      
27 hours Dual   $5,886.00 $6,561.00  
3 hours Dual        $459.00
15 hours Solo   $2,250.00 $2,625.00  
Written Exam Fee (TC)*** $105.00      
Flight Test Fee (TC)*** $265.00      
Licensing Fee (TC)*** $55.00      
English Proficiency Test (TC)*** $115 if req'd      
TOTAL   $9,857.75 $10,907.75  

*Some students prefer to train in our larger C172, or may need to train in a larger plane due to calculated weight and balances
**Can be completed online through third party
***(TC) Transport Canada
Note: The above training requirements represent TC minimums. It may take some students more time to complete depending on ability or if training flights are not consistently scheduled and flown.

All prices subject to applicable taxes, and subject to change without notice.